Timber by EMSIEN 3 Ltd BG


ADV MECH is a young, dynamic company ready for any new challenges that arise in a changing market.

We specialize in the machining of steel, plastic, aluminum alloys and heat-resistant alloys like Titanium and Inconel.

Our main features are high quality, speed, flexibility, innovation and traceability.

The main sectors in which we operate are: automotive, electrospindles, aerospace, automation, linear motion and petrochemicals. 80% of our work is for foreign countries, including England, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, USA, UAE and 20% for the italian market.

The new facility consists of two buildings: the main one is dedicated to machining and includes testing room, offices and a CAD / CAM design department.

The second building is dedicated to the raw material storage, preparation for materials and finishing process.

Most of the required machining is executed within us, entrusting to third parties only special processes, heat and surface treatments.

We perform  CNC milling on 3, 4 and 5 axis  machines, CNC turning lathes up with Counter, Y and Motorized, Deep Drilling on trees and plates, Deep Boring up to 1 meter depth, Precision grinding and Honing of holes.

We specialize in the manufacture of high-tech plastics. We have a full and diversified stock of KETRON PEEK, Delrin, TUFCOT, PETP, PTFE, PTFE + Ceramic, PTFE + glass.

The attention to detail at every stage of production, from the receiving order until the packaging process is one of our main characteristics.

Good enough is never good enough when the goal is excellence

Our advanced computer system uses the most advanced technologies on the market. QRCODE, RFID, Tablet and portable terminals allow a proper and timely management of all production, ensuring reliability, traceability and constant exchange of information between departments, customers and suppliers.

We are a partner, always available to find the best and affordable solution for its customers, from the planning to the packaging stage.